About Us

Unique & Sophisticated Experiences

Whether it is your wedding, a graduation party, or even an intimate baby shower, EventsLYFE® is devoted to creating unique and memorable experiences. We plan, design, and execute celebrations with the sole intention of fulfilling your dreams!


At EventsLYFE®, we understand the importance of curating social, personal, and corporate events with the highest level of attention to detail. Our expert team of event planners works tirelessly with an attentive eye to detail and an impressively hands-on approach to plan and execute your dream events.

Timeless Event Planning, Design, and Execution

EventsLYFE® believes every moment in life is a cause for celebration. We partner with our clients to create the perfect celebratory events that tell tales of glamor, sophistication, creativity, and immense fun! Highly regarded as the leading expert in event design and execution, EventsLYFE brings its knack for perfection into each event, making them oh-so-memorable and the perfect stage for you to celebrate your story.

Who We Are

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About Us


Our purpose is to make the special moments of your life memorable by offering you highly-personalized and flawlessly executed events and wedding planning services that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


At EventsLYFE®, we believe that each and every moment of life should be cherished. That is why we make it our mission to create wonderfully unique, stress-free events and weddings that delight the senses and make every occasion a celebration.


Our mission is to ensure every event is thoughtfully curated and produced so that you have an unforgettable experience. We believe that commitment to service, integrity, attention to detail, and delivering on our promises is key to creating dynamic experiences, lasting relationships and happier clients.


We create lasting memories, evoke emotions, and awaken your senses, so you can transform your dream event into a reality.

Our Vision

EventsLYFE® aspires to create stunning and absolutely extraordinary events that you and your guests would speak fondly of for years to come. Our mission is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to planning, consulting, and executing epic events like no other!


Our team is committed to ensuring all of your demands and expectations aren’t just met but exceeded as we collaborate with you every step of the way. At EventsLYFE®, we create lasting memories, evoke emotions, propel careers and enlighten your senses, so you can make a toast to life and all that it has to offer!

What We Offer

Wedding Planning

Break free from the overwhelm and hustle-bustle of your big day as you dress in all-white and let EventLYFE® make all of your dreams come true! Our team of professional event consultants and planners go the extra mile to ensure your wedding Pinterest board is brought to life, while you relax and focus on being a beautiful bride!


Corporate Events

Planning corporate events requires the expertise of a seasoned and certified professional who can guide and plan for you. At EventLYFE®, we have the knowledge and experience to curate the ideal corporate event for your firm, ensuring that all the attendees benefit from the value of the event. 


Event Consultation Services

Your perfect event planning adventure starts with the team of EventLYFE® by your side, nudging you in the right direction and offering expert consultation to ensure a successful day! Our consultation services are the best fit for businesses and individuals who are looking for a blueprint to host an amazing event.


Business Consultation

The EventLYFE® team understands the importance of keeping up with the ever-growing business environment and expanding to new venues for new levels of success. Through our years of experience in business consultation, wealth of knowledge, and a knack for innovation, we give your business just what it needs to gain a major competitive advantage in your respective industry.


Special Events 

We deliver a strategic, turnkey, and creative approach to each client, making sure that their special events are created with careful attention to detail. EventLYFE® is devoted to bringing your events to life with impeccable consultation and planning services.