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Murder Mystery Props!

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These handcuffs are perfect to tame the murderer! Sturdy and safe!

Caution Tape

For the Crime Scene of course!

Magnifying Glass

Because who doesn’t feel like a detective with one in their hands?!

Body Outline

Easy to set-up layout – Great casual and kid friendly option

Toy Gun

If you really want to get into it!

Inmate Sign

Capturing a photo of your suspects..

Crime Scene Kit

Crime scene kit – highlight clues

Fake Knife

Safe and FAKE plastic Knife – Possible Murder Weapon

Bloody Props

Leaving a bloody trail or wand to ad a little suspense in your mirrors – Also easy to remove!

Epi-Pen Trainer

If you are looking for a subtle weapon or clue to add a twist this an easy prop to include!

Ostrich Feathers

Add a splash of decor around!

Foot Prints

Guiding your guests to clues or to a desired area.

Cork Board

For the Evidence Board

Red String

Tying clues together on the evidence board

Push Pins

Put a pin in it!

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