Stationary vs. Online Invites and RSVPs— Which Works Best For You?

Stationary VS Online Invites & RSVPs Which Work Best For You? Nothing is more exciting than receiving an event invitation, whether in stationary or virtual form. While a physical invitation may land a place on your cork board or fridge, a fun virtual one can be just as smile-inducing!    With all kinds of events—Continue reading “Stationary vs. Online Invites and RSVPs— Which Works Best For You?”

What Information Do I Need from My Vendors?

You’ve likely starting to book one vendor after another or just getting started to looking for them, congratulations – these are BIG wins!   Now, as you start to get closer to the date you might come to realize there are details about each vendor that need to be taken care of and shared with theContinue reading “What Information Do I Need from My Vendors?”

Have You Considered Going Virtual?

Have You Considered Going Virtual Are you and your company debating about cancelling your yearly events or holiday celebrations?   We are in a PANDEMIC – yes, it’s surreal and here’s the thing, we have no idea of knowing when it’s going to be over.   Are you waiting for the pandemic to blow overContinue reading “Have You Considered Going Virtual?”