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At EventsLYFE®, we take great pride in being the full-service event management company behind the most extraordinary corporate events. From corporate business functions to launch parties, our team of expert designers and planners have done it all.


We have a mission to ensure that its attendees experience highly personalized and memorable events, from start to finish. Whether you need help deciding the perfect venue or creating the ideal corporate event, we can provide you with event consultation, planning, and execution services so that you can have an experience to remember.


Our team of professionals can assist you in establishing goals and objectives for your events, ensuring they are achieved in an effective and efficient way. We can help you flawlessly bring to life your dream events and ensure that all stakeholders involved have the opportunity to enjoy to the maximum.


What We Do


At EventsLYFE®, we ensure you get all the help you need every step of the way. We strive to make the maximum impact and are specialized in the planning and implementation of an extensive range of events, including conferences, seminars, press conferences, product launches, annual general meetings, shareholder briefings, employee or industry reward ceremonies, and customer social events.


We have the ability to create event strategies, develop content for conferences, give exposure to your brand, plan your budget and travel, help you select the venue and vendors, manage logistics and travel, coordinate and manage on-site, design floor plan and staging, offer entertainment and make sure you can hold your corporate event in a safe and convenient way.

We celebrate your success!


How We Plan


We have a strong relationship with leading venues, florists, caterers, and all other vendor service providers that require you to make your corporate event a total success. Additionally, it also allows us to provide you premium event planning services at competitive costs and helps us prioritize your company’s budget, plan the scope of the event, and suggest dates and timelines.


In addition, our highly trained marketing professionals are able to help you with creative marketing campaigns and launches as well as custom PR so that your event gets the exposure it needs.


At EventsLYFE®, we can help create one-of-a-kind events for discerning corporations and individuals. We prioritize quality above all else, which means our clients are our focus as we will give them access to the finest vendors in the industry.

Need Help Planning Your
Corporate Event?

As one of the most committed and experienced event planners in the industry, we have an intuition for combining creativity and sophistication with a personal touch. 

We understand that emotions can run high when planning events and it is so much more than just following checklists and timelines. 


That is why we listen, we create, and we inspire.


Whether you just need a helping hand to guide you on the right track, or you need someone to take the reins from you but create an event exactly the way you want, we are here to help. You can schedule 2-hour consultation sessions with our event management expert from the comfort of your home.

Certified Meeting Professional

Certified by Events Industry Council

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