Does Table Size Matter?

At a big event, every little detail matters! While something like table size may seem mundane and easy to look over, it actually has a large impact on the function of your event. Luckily, we are here to walk you through which tables are best for certain events! We even have a free seating chart based on table size that you can fill out while planning your event. 


When it comes down to it, table size matters. Different sized tables can facilitate different conversations between guests, and ultimately change the amount of space you have to fill on the table with a centerpiece, other decorations, dishes and drinks. 

For a round 60″table, you’ll be able to seat 6 to 8 people, maximum. These tables are great for more intimate conversations between guests, as they’ll be able to see and hear each other well. Likely this size table will allow every guest to engage with one another, fostering important discussions. This kind of table may be great for guests who know each other already. 


For a round 66″ table, you’ll be able to accommodate 8 to 10 guests maximum. And lastly, a round 72″ table will seat 10 to 12 guests maximum. For these larger tables, big friend groups, families or even those who work together can easily stay together in a group setting. This also gives you the opportunity to mix and match groups that may work well together. 


Round tables foster a sense of community and engagement, creating a communal dining experience. For a look that doesn’t break congruence, but adds some variety, consider mixing and matching different sized tables. The result is a visually appealing spread that adds some spice into your dining experience. 


Aside from round tables, consider long rectangular tables that are suited well for a narrower dining space. If you don’t want to waste any space in your venue, a rectangular table may be your best friend. An 8’ by 30” or 8’ by 40” table allows for a family-style dining experience. Rectangular tables come in a few different sizes, labeled as: standard, queen and king. A standard will seat 6-8 guests, a queen will seat 8-10, and a king will seat 10-12. 


Keep in mind, with these rectangular seating configurations, you can even place one or two individuals at the head of the tables—creating a celebratory atmosphere. If you are throwing an event in someone’s honor, consider seating them at the head of the table, which is the perfect spot for them to give a speech or toast. 

In conclusion, something as small as table size can make a big difference for your event! Once you’ve decided which size table works for you, make sure to check out our free seating chart based on table size.

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