Event Consulting Services – The Details

We have created once-in-a-lifetime celebrations, hosted corporate events and many other functions, ranging in all sizes. We are your go-to team when you are feeling overwhelmed planning, organizing and executing your events flawlessly.


Helping You Tell Your Story


At EventsLYFE®, we consider it a great honor to be placed in a position where we can use our creativity and imagination to help you celebrate the most momentous occasions, tell your story the way you want it to be told, and to immortalize a moment of time.


This is a privileged position, we make sure to commit ourselves to the finest representation of your narrative. You can schedule a 2-hour session with our experienced event planners right from the comfort of your home so that we can give you all the assistance you need to handle your wedding, special life events, and corporate events.


We offer you an opportunity to celebrate your important events in the most personalized way. Before you call for your appointment, we will send you a pre-meeting survey that will help us give an insight into what kind of event you want to host so we can ensure to give you EventLYFE® management assistance in the best possible way.


At EventsLYFE®, we make sure that anyone that we are accessible and available to anyone who wants to host a memorable event. We offer advice and consultancy services for those who choose to take on the planning without a wedding or event planner.

EventsLYFE® offers a wide range of services and access to vendors to ensure your special occasion runs smoothly. We offer:


Timeline Assistance: We make sure your events do not conflict with other events and that the program starts and ends on time, with all things in between managed in a timely way.


Budget Assistance: It can be easy to exceed your budget limit when you are planning a momentous event. EventsLYFE® can prevent that by estimating the costs of your venue, catering, equipment, travel for staff, and insurance to make sure you stay within budget.


Venue Recommendations: Whether you need a recommendation for a local to host your event or you want help with an existing venue, we can make sure everything pertaining to it, including all the requirements before commitment, like registration, set-up, interior decoration, A/V equipment, parking, accessibility requirements, signage are all dealt with.


Theme and Décor: The theme and décor set the stage for the type of event you are hosting. We can create an array of settings, including business-like, romantic, magical, intimate, and many more.


Organization of Content: Developing great content that accurately represents your narrative and engages your audience is something that we specialize in. We also have an efficient team that can create promotional material and marketing campaigns for your corporate events.


Spreadsheets/Cheat sheets: We aim to create a seamless event for you and that cannot be done without seamless organization. That is why we love creating spreadsheets and cheat sheets that will assist you to achieve all minute details of the events are carried out exactly as you planned.


Program Guidance: It can be a hassle to work out the programs of your event. With EventsLYFE® program guidance service, we can organize each program in a timely and efficient way to make maximum use of your time and to increase engagement.