Wedding Floral Arrangements

From Bouquets to Boutonnieres

What Wedding Floral Arrangements 

You Need!

There are many different floral arrangements that would be beautiful to feature in your wedding, and the idea of knowing where to start can be daunting! Having many questions is completely normal, such as: How many arrangements do I need? And, how extensive should each one be? 


We’re here to help with a list of five floral arrangements to consider for your wedding. Although there are many more, and it’s all up to personal preference, here are five good places to start! To see more floral options, you can click here for our FREE floral arrangement estimate template! 



The bride’s bouquet is often a centerpiece at any wedding, with the tossing of the bouquet holding great significance. This means that you simply can’t look over this floral arrangement– since it will have all eyes on it at a crucial moment! 



Consider a custom boutonniere for your groom that will compliment his tux, but also the bride’s bouquet. This little arrangement should be small and classy, and ultimately complimentary instead of super attention-drawing.


Flower Girl and Ring Bearer 

There’s nothing sweeter than the little flower girls and ring bearers that hold a special place in our hearts. For the flower girl, consider a petite bouquet hair clip or flower crown, one that will draw more “Awws!” as she tosses flowers down the aisle. For the ring bearer, consider a little boutonniere like that of the groom’s. 


Cocktail Tables 

After the wedding, when the celebrations begin to occur, you’ll likely have cocktail tables at the reception. A standard bouquet on each table could be a wonderful choice, but you could also get creative! Perhaps adding candles into the mix will give the tables a bit of a fun flare, or even sprigs of some greenery. 


Tall Centerpiece 

Lastly, it’s important to consider having a grand centerpiece at your reception! This piece should be gorgeous, extensive, and one of the largest ones at the celebration. It may be a good move to add candles for romantic ambience as well. 


Floral arrangements are one of the most important elements of wedding planning—from bouquets to boutonnieres. In order to have some guidance throughout the process, it’s important to research thoroughly and consider all of the needed floral arrangements. You can click here for our FREE floral arrangement estimate template!

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