Getting Married During a Pandemic

You’ve been looking forward to this day your entire life but never expected a pandemic to get in the way – who would’ve thought?! Thinking about hosting your wedding anyway? Here’s what to consider:


  • 1). What is the venue doing to protect you and your guest from potential exposure?


    Is the venue being safe? Are they wearing masks? Are guests required to wear masks? How is food being served and handled? – These are just a few of the many questions you will want answers for from your venue/caterer.


  • 2). Are you considering inviting High-Risk guests?


    If you are considering inviting High-Risk guests, chances are they are not attending (for their safety) With that being said – don’t be surprised or hurt when they reject the invitation. They WANT to be there, remember that! A great way to include them is perhaps sending them a wedding favor to their home, they would love that!


  • 3). Do you want to offer a virtual viewing? Is flying a requirement?


    This goes along with how many of your family and friends will not be able to attend due to risk, travel restrictions, etc. Do you want to give them access via Zoom to celebrate with you? Those that might be required to fly in a plane during the pandemic may hesitate to attend – It is okay, be understanding!


  • 4). Consider invitation surveys to gather a better idea of attendance and guest concerns?


    Sending out RSVPs? Perhaps consider including a Survey along with the RSVP card. This could include an open-ended question like “Tell us about your concerns if declining.” This might allow you to hear them out and perhaps make arrangements with the venue.


  • 5). What are your worries and concerns of exposure?


    We all have our thing about what’s going on – there is no denying it. It is okay to ask questions and make requests for the safety of your family and friends. Never deny the power of asking questions and knowing your options.


We need to be understanding in a time like this where there is a lot of uncertainty – we are all going through the changes together. Will restrictions easy off before the wedding? Perhaps – then again, they can always be reversed. Asking lots of questions is the best way to have peace of mind knowing the measures that will be taken for your special celebration.

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