Having Your Dog In Your Wedding


Having Your Dog in Your Wedding


Do you have a fur baby you can’t imagine without as you walk down the aisle to marry the person of your dreams? We hear you – we couldn’t image our special day without ours either!


While weddings are fun, they are a day filled with a jam-packed schedule from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to even the down time of your day – this is why we have created the perfect checklist to help you keep track of every single thing you will need to take your pup with you for your wedding weekend! Here’s our FREE Puppy Love Checklist!


Our downloadable list will include all the details on what you will need, why, and more details on each however here’s a sneak speak on what’s included in our check list:


Things to Pack

  • – Bed

  • – Feeding Bowl & Water Bowl

  • – Food

  • – Medications


Things to Consider

  • – Accommodation/Venue Approval

  • – Who will be responsible for the dog walking getting him/her to the ceremony and   what will be arranged after the ceremony?

  • – Treats/Training to walk down the aisle

  • – Photos


We know how overwhelming and time consuming keeping track of all of the items that you will need for your pup to tag along on this special day is, we are here for you! Download our FREE Puppy Love Checklist now and start saving time and get you ready for the wedding!





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