Managing Your Clients With Dubsado

Managing Your Clients With Dubsado

As a small business owner, you often face the challenge of figuring out what the best way to keep track of everything, finding the right resources you can afford to scale your business, and what makes life easier all while trying to look like you have your sh!t together for your clients. Does this sound familiar?


We would love to save you some time and $ to help you focus on your mojo and scale your business! Now, you have to understand that to own and grow a successful business, systems and processes are NECESSARY for survival, to sustain quality, and achieve financial goals. 


This is where Dubsado can come into play – a client management system that truly allow you to take care of your clients and your business at the quality you might have thought are only available to larger business or assumed cost would be to high.


Before becoming a Dubsado user – we were utilizing (4) different platforms, each with limitations. Since becoming a Dubsado user, we have been able to streamline the business, automate systems and finances, as well as offer clients a portal with their booking details. We LOVE it!


Dubsado Highlights

  Client Management

  Financial Management



  Client Portal

  Calendar Management

  and so much more!



We highly recommend checking out Dubsado, their free trial allows you to get familiar with its functionalities and they also provide training and support. If you are interested getting on the Dubsado train utilize promo code EVENTSLYFE to receive 20% off!

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