Stationary vs. Online Invites and RSVPs— Which Works Best For You?

Stationary VS Online
Invites & RSVPs

Which Work Best For You?

Nothing is more exciting than receiving an event invitation, whether in stationary or virtual form. While a physical invitation may land a place on your cork board or fridge, a fun virtual one can be just as smile-inducing! 


With all kinds of events— from weddings to birthday parties— you have some decisions to make regarding how you want to send out invitations & RSVPs. Not only do invites make the event planning process easier in regards to which guests are attending, but invites and RSVPs are also classy and customizable. 


When you decide to go the invite route, there’s a whole other set of questions that may come to the surface. One of the largest questions to consider is: should I send out my invitations in stationary form, or virtually? We’re here to help with the process. Our FREE Guest List Template will also be a big help, allowing you to track which invitees are planning on attending. 


What sites should I use for my invites? 


Some popular and trustworthy sites that help you to create aesthetically pleasing invites are Minted, Zazzle and Canva. These sites, as well as many other similar platforms, will help you to create an invitation for your event, ranging from graduations to birthday parties to weddings, with many offering both print and online options. 


If you find yourself looking for the strictly online route, sites like Green Envelope, Paperless Post and Evite could be your savior! Similarly to the aforementioned sites, these platforms will help you to create an invitation with provided templates, but will then help you to distribute them paperlessly— all straight to an email inbox. 


So— do I use paper or virtual invites? 


There are some important pros and cons to consider for both stationary and online forms of invitation, we’ll walk you through them all. 


As for stationary invites, they are more personal and sentimental, with a physical invitation that can serve as a post-event memento. Yet, they can also be a hassle to prepare and use a lot of paper/resources to distribute them. 


Online invitations are considered ‘greener’ and easier, and online RSVPs are often simplest to keep track of. Yet, there is a downside to the quickness and ease, as online invitations are often less personalized and extravagant. 


When it comes down to it, the decision of what kind of invitations and RSVPs to use is a personal one. Does your event lend itself to a physical memento, or a quick and green online email? Regardless of which form of invite you choose, our FREE guest list template can help you keep track of your special guests when it comes down to the celebration!

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