The Cost of NOT Hiring a Wedding Planner

You’re engaged – CONGRATULATIONS! Now, the fun of planning begins!

You’re an organized individual and think…  “I got this, I can plan the whole wedding.”




Friends – I understand you may be organized however that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have the help of an expert by your side for the success of your wedding. Below you will see insight of what the costs is to YOU by not hiring a wedding planner.



The guidance provided by wedding planners has been proven to reduces stress. They provide you with the ins and outs along the way so you never have to feel confused or off track. They are your go to when you have any question, doubt or looking for advice throughout the way.


Vendors need direction, especially the day of the wedding to make sure things are as desired (most of this takes place while getting ready, photos, ceremony, etc.). Whether it is floral arrangements, rental chairs, linen, etc. These vendors must have someone overseeing the items being brought in to confirm if anything is missing or needs to be moved otherwise depending on the venue – you might need to do things yourself and it could be a lot of labor.


We all know things happen – those not familiar with the industry may not know the alternative options quickly available where a wedding planner will have a few tricks up their sleeve and lots of connections to save any scenario.


Let’s be honest, you will not be able to take every few minutes while getting ready to see if things are as desired – you will want to be with family and friends and enjoy this special moment in your life. On your wedding day, you don’t want to be stressed answering calls and texts – you want to enjoy every single minute of it!



Consider all the time you would save on researching, emailing, scheduling, detailing, and contacting all your vendors while hoping you getting the most out of the budget you are working with?


Received an agreement that doesn’t look right but feel wrong questioning? This is where the planners come in handy. They know how to negotiate on your behalf to make sure you are set up with a great deal and all of the agreements are correct and include all the clauses necessary.



Yes, that is right! Wedding planners save you the big bucks when negotiating your contracts with the vendors you want to hire. On many occasions, due to partnerships the planners may have with vendors’ special discounts may be available.



Clauses included in the contract can be overwhelming and friends, I am here to tell you it is a LEGAL document – a binding agreement. This means you are also held liable to hold up your end of the agreement. If you are not familiar with contracts and its clauses, you could potentially put yourself at risk which could result in additional spending.


Peace of Mind

When planning a wedding there are details big and small that need to be attended to not only while planning, but also the day of the wedding. Many times, the vendors you book need additional guidance regardless of the detailed communication and phone calls you may have had – It happens every time. When you hire a wedding planner they handle it all on your behalf so you can enjoy the special day without attending to your vendors instead of your loved ones. You will feel confident that the planner will make arrangements just as you envisioned they are there for YOU!


These are just a few of the items wedding planners assist with- we could go on and on about this topic however we wanted to share with you a couple of the cost of not hiring a wedding planner. You can save yourself stress, time, money, liability and have complete piece of mind by investing in a planner to help create the wedding of your dreams. Don’t be shy to ask the planners you have in mind questions! They are always willing to help and create custom packages for you.

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