Thinking About Hosting a Backyard Wedding?

Backyard Wedding

Hosting a Backyard Wedding?
Get the Checklist You Need!

CONGRATULATIONS, you’re engaged! You must be thinking about a million wedding to-do items. After celebrating the engagement, all of the stress of planning the big event usually comes into view. If, after some reflection, you realized you might want to host your wedding in your backyard, you aren’t alone! 


As COVID starts to resolve and normalcy returns a little more each day, one thing we took away from the pandemic was a return to the beauty of the outdoors. Not only is a backyard wedding a safe environment for the guests attending (especially if they are still COVID cautious), but it is also a fun way to personalize your wedding. 


Do you have a beautiful, spacious backyard that can accommodate your celebration? If so, let’s get started on planning a gorgeous, personalized wedding that will take place in the comfort of your own home! 


Download our FREE Backyard Wedding Checklist to get started today! 


Backyard Wedding Checklist: 


    Neighborhood & Parking

    • It’s important to consider if your neighborhood will be able to accommodate the number of guests you plan to invite. Will there be a good place to park? Is it street parking, or a lot? 


      It’s always a good idea to let neighbors know when the wedding will take place and perhaps even get their assistance on where individuals will be parking. Lighting & Sound 


      How do you plan to illuminate your ceremony? It may be good to check out certain rental equipment, or hire a lighting expert. Additionally, will it be a small, intimate gathering, or will you need a sound system in order to hear the ceremony? 



    Weather & Back-Up Plan 

    • Weather is one of the most unpredictable factors in planning an outdoor event, so remember the best way to keep that under control is to have a rock-solid backup plan. Is there any sort of shelter or roof above the ceremony? 


    Cake Temperature 

    • If you’re hosting your wedding outside, it’s important to remember to be extra careful with your gorgeous cake. Consider the location of the cake, and make sure that it won’t end up getting too hot, melting, or attacked by bugs, critters, or furry guests.


    Rental Equipment & Restroom 

    • Consider where guests can go to the restroom throughout the wedding ceremony if need be. It’s necessary to indicate where restrooms are, so that guests won’t be confused or uncomfortable during the ceremony. Additionally, consider whether or not you need other rental equipment– like seating, a stage, or a sound system.


  • Service & Clean-Up

    • You may want to consider hiring bartenders, musicians, photographers and other professionals to help ensure your wedding runs smoothly. Make sure you openly communicate with these experts so that they can help make your vision come to life. Additionally, weddings and receptions can be messy, so have a plan as to how the event will be cleaned up after all the celebrations


Planning a backyard wedding can be one of the most intimate and satisfying ways to make your wedding feel personal and to bring your guests into your own world. Yet, there is also another layer of stress when your wedding venue is also your very own home. We are here to help you ease the process— you can download our FREE Backyard Wedding Checklist Here!

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