Wedding Planner vs Venue Coordinator


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Wedding Planner and the coordinator your venue may offer as apart of your wedding package? We are here to tell you the key differences between the two. We know because we’ve been both! Not to say that one is greater than the other, however there are vast differences that you should consider before deciding for or against hiring your own planner. Below are some key factors on each:


Wedding Planners work for you, not the venue. It is their top priority to put you and only your first. It is our job to comb through every detail with you from beginning to end on your wedding weekend. Wedding Planners are with you until the end making sure everything looks the way you envision and that the weekend flows seamlessly. Wedding Planners are the professionals, we have contacts with vendors in each community to aid in obtaining that very look you are going for. Planners have no limitations on what we can or cannot do to make it an evening you will remember forever.


Venue Coordinators are often limited with their resources. This being that they can only use what they have on property and often charge a large service charge on top of the cost to obtain decor from off property vendors. When it comes to detailing your event, venue coordinators may not always be available to speak with due to having to focus on the other weddings they are hosting in their venue throughout the year. Venue coordinators also have a service staff that are not specialized in wedding planning or know the look you are going for. When it comes to the day of, without a planner to double check set-up, decor and coordination with the vendors may fall through the cracks leaving you on your wedding day stressing out about these details.


If you have any questions that we may not have touched on please do not hesitate to contact us at info@EventsLYFE.com. We are here to help you through the wedding planning process and we look forward to working with you!

Written by Heather Moore 2019

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