What Information Do I Need from My Vendors?

You’ve likely starting to book one vendor after another or just getting started to looking for them, congratulations – these are BIG wins!


Now, as you start to get closer to the date you might come to realize there are details about each vendor that need to be taken care of and shared with the venue or day of coordinator and vice versa. Friends – there are MANY things to consider when finalizing the details for your event date…


With our FREE Vendors Information Template, you can keep track of all the details in one place – making it easy to complete and share.


Take a peek at (3) of the many important details needed to be reviewed and confirm with your vendors to get ahead of the game and have your details sorted.


1. Contact Person

Are you hiring a specific photographer or production company? Whether it is a catering company or your moms friend, HAVE A POINT OF CONTACT. Reconnect a week before the event if you haven’t connected in a while and then again 3,2, and 1 day before the event just to make sure you’re on the same page with updated information if any.


2. Vendor Meals

Your vendors are there to make your day special! Let’s take care of them too and feed them– you should certainly consider offering meal for them if they are working more than 4 hours. Some will bring their own food, other will require it as part of the agreement for it to be provided. Make sure to read your agreements closely!


3. Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Have you taken a look at this in your agreements or possibly heard of it and have/had absolutely no idea what this was about? You are not alone!


Basically, when a venue requires a COI they are protecting themselves against damages and liability of services/goods being provided by a third party, requiring the vendor to be insured should anything happen.


You should be protecting yourself the same way which is why you or your event planner must be sure these are collected. The requested requirements typically sound a tad excessive in amounts and difficult to obtain however for those who don’t have an insurance plan to go through or may be having challenges obtaining one – we are happy to guide you.


Example 1 – You have rental chairs and tables coming in, and the rental company is moving them into the building when they break a lamp while they are setting the room. Because there are damages to the venue, their damage fees would be due and would be billed to the vendor/their insurance provider with these costs. If a COI would have not been obtained, then the host of the event will at that point be responsible on behalf of their vendors for the damages due that would be included in client agreement with the venue.


Example 2 – The COI requirements from a venue includes auto liability insurance with the limit of up to $1M. This sounds crazy, I know!

Hear me out friends, the furniture company you hired is unloading equipment and the vehicle rolls and crashes into a venue item worth $350,000.00…. THIS HAPPENS; I have witnessed it! Should the event organizer not have collected a COI with those requirements… someone would then have to cough up the pennies out of pocket.


As you can see there is a lot of information and details that go along with just (3) out of the many of the details that need to be confirmed with your vendors, venue, and day of coordinator. Making sure (1) you have a contact person for the day of, (2) review vendor meal requirements or consider offering them, and (3) collecting ALL certificates of insurance documents from each vendor. Get organized today with our FREE Vendors Information TempalteDownload our FREE vendors in templa

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