When to Hire a Wedding Planner

YOUR ENGAGED – Congratulations!!!!

You have likely started having flashes of your dream wedding and emailed different venues you’ve found interest in to realize WOAH there is a lot to consider. The thought about hiring a wedding planner would be dreamlike, where you just sit back and relax.


YES – It can be that easy to enjoy your special day and every detail that goes in planning it.


So here is the thing –  when you hire a wedding planner from the very start before booking a venue they will use their connections to venues and vendors to help you get the most for your budget – THERE IS ALWAYS A BUDGET! (You are not the only one).


Planners review the agreements you are being held liable for and know what’s BS to PROTECT you (the client) from over spending and getting the most for your commitment to their services.


Realistically you shouldn’t book your event more than 18 months out – I’ve been in the business and you’ll basically get…nowhere.


So, when do we hire a wedding planner?


Wedding planners book up throughout their year, they like to know what’s next and plan ahead. If you have a wedding planner in mind – I would recommend you reach out to confirm their availability or perhaps a deposit on planning 12, 6, 3, etc. months out in advanced so they are available on your date and have you in their books.


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