Why You Need A Day-Of Event Coordinator

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Why You Need A
Day-Of Event Coordinator

Have you ever planned an event and found yourself scrambling on the day of? Trying to manage incoming guests, as well as decorations and an itinerary is often too much for just one person to take on. Thankfully, for those extra important events— there is a solution! A day-of event coordinator is an important part of making sure your special day goes off without a hitch! 


You can check out our day-of coordinator packages, which lists the plethora of duties a coordinator could take off of your already-full plate. These day-of duties may be ones that slip your mind on the big day of— regardless of if you’re a bride, conference coordinator or even a business owner. 


Since you will likely have guests and other social responsibilities to tend to, a day-of coordinator will be entirely worth the investment. 


The TOP (3) DUTIES OF YOUR DAY-OF COORDINATOR include: timeline management, being the go-to for all questions, and paying attention to all the little details. We’ll walk you through how your coordinator could help to alleviate the stress of these processes. 


Timeline management: Most extensive events, like weddings, often have a schedule to adhere to. These timelines can be stressful, as last minute events can cause one part of the itinerary to bleed into the next. Your coordinator can make sure that the event adheres to your timeline by facilitating one activity after the other, from guest arrival all the way to the reception speeches. 


Go-to for all questions: Likely, your guests, co-workers and others involved in the event will have questions. By designating the day-of coordinator as the go-to for all questions, you’ll relieve yourself of the stress of being the only person who knows the day’s full happenings. Your coordinator will know the plan like the back of their hand! 


Paying attention to little details: In every event, there are small details that must be checked over and attended to, ranging from place cards to working sound systems. If something were to happen, your coordinator will be the first person on the scene to fix the little details, and know their way around the big ones! 


With all this being said, a day-of coordinator is never a bad investment. It’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared, and your coordinator will help you to do so. We’re here to help out with the process by providing you with a FREE List of Day of Duties to share with your future coordinator.


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